About Us

Tensor Innovation Partners, LLC was formed in January of 2020 by a team of experienced engineers with extensive experience and success in business and engineering. Headquartered in the Orlando, Florida area, and with facilities in Melbourne, Florida, Tensor is concveniently located near the hub of East Coast space activity and the University of Central Florida and Florida Institute of Technology campuses. The combined engineering and management expertise of the Tensor Team enable them to foresee new opportunities that are emerging in the space arena. Tensor will focus on developing and commercializing systems integration and propulsion testing, low cost space delivery and SmallSat technologies and marketing them to the spacecraft operating and manufacturing segments of the space market. The Tensor team will also be looking for other opportunities in similar markets.

Our key personnel are:

Donald Platt - Donald Platt, President of Micro Aerospace Solutions, Inc. (MAS), is a Senior Director of Tensor Innovation Partners and is our Principal Systems Engineer with 25 years of experience as a payload, software, and electronics system developer. He has experience developing and integrating International Space Station payload software and hardware systems, including testing and verification. He has Conducted R&D for small satellites as well as for other high tech industries such as biotech, asset tracking, auto racing, and military. He is also currently Spaceport Site Director and Associate professor of Space Systems for Florida Institute of Space Systems.

Don holds a B.A. in Physics and Astronomy from Western Connecticut State University, and an M.S. in Space Systems and a P.H.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology.

Lee Wooldridge - Lee Wooldridge, Owner/Consultant of TrailBlazer Technologies, LLC (TBlazer), is a Senior Director of Tensor Innovation Partners and Principal Systems Integration Engineer with over 40 years of engineering and management experience. Aside from aerospace systems design and engineering, Lee has been providing human performance solutions with a multi-disciplinary approach focused on project management, management consulting, operations engineering, system simulation, telemetry analysis, business process analysis, lifecycle cost analysis, leadership coaching, business change management, and performance support automation for space, military, and civilian applications. Lee has specific experience developing technical training curricula for NASA STS and ISS astronauts, KSC ground controllers, JSC flight controllers, and US Space Command 1013th control personnel.

Lee holds a M.S.E. and a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering and Management Science, and a B.A. in Industrial Psychology all from the University of Central Florida.