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      Tensor Accepted Into intel Neuromorphic Research Community Wednesday, October 28, 2020 – Tensor is excited to announce our acceptance as a participant in the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community and our licensing to use the Loihi Development System for our NASA Deep Neural Net and Neuromorphic Processors for In-Space Autonomy and Cognition Deep Neural Net and Neuromorphic Processors for In-Space Autonomy and Cognition project. Our goal is to design autonomous and artificial cognition capabilities for small-scale satellites and vehicles that will be scalable to any space vehicle. During the interim , we have been experimenting using multiple intel Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS2) modules and existing spacecraft hardware from previous projects to develop an optimized and easily expandable control bus and power bus system for CubeSat form factors. With the Loihi device as the core we can now proceed to develop a general-purpose deep neural net and in-space autonomic and neuromorphic processing module with plug and play construction simplicity and with goal setting operation using minimal human intervention.

      Tensor Awarded First NASA Contract Monday, August 17, 2020 – Tensor Innovation Partners has been awarded a 6-month, SBIR contract by NASA to develop a scalable neural net and neuromorphic module for in-space autonomous orientation and maneuvering. A neuromorphic processor on a chip will be at the heart of our prototype CubeSat design to be built and flown in Phase II of this contract. We will leverage the low power requirements of the chip to build a spacecraft that meets NASA’s requirement for efficient Size, Weigh, and Power (SWaP), while operating in space with minimal human intervention. Ultimately, we will demonstrate the capacity of small-scale standalone neuromorphic systems to perform a variety of mission activities while withstanding the rigors of outer space and develop modular commercial systems for a variety of commercial space applications.

      Tensor Innovtion Finished 1st Rocket Friday, April 24, 2020 – Tensor Innovation initiates design of their next rocket. With time on our hands before the launch of our first rocket, we have started the design of the advanced version of our next rocket. It will incorporate several advancements in the airframe, engine, electronics, and control surfaces. Mass saved from the improvement of the airframe design will be replaced by fuel and oxidizer, while the Tridyne aerospike engine will be enhanced to more resemble the half-meter configuration for the final rocket. This rocket will achieve the expected near maximum aerospike performance for the tridyne system. This will be the second of five development launches.

      Tensor Innovtion Cowbell at LC-48 Monday, April 6, 2020 – Tensor Innovation Partners and RocketStar met with a team of KSC personnel to discuss the use of Launch Complex 48. Once an agreement with NASA has been negotiated and implemented, we are planning to install a launch tower and launch from LC-48 when construction of the site is complete. The design of the launch tower and its completion will be funded by RocketStar’s anticipated USAF contract for the purchase and launch of our rocket. Construction at LC-48, and our negotiations with KSC and the USAF have been delayed due to the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic. Everyone is working from home and we wish the best for everyone’s safety and hope we all can see each other in person when we continue our project at KSC.

      Tensor Innovtion Finished 1st Rocket Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - Tensor Innovation and RocketStar, LLC. Signed an Agreement to pay for Tensor's first half meter, 35 foot sounding rocket and to provide the funds for launch services under a pending RocketStar contract with the USAF. The CowBell rocket, as it is called, is largely complete and is awaiting final integration of the rocket engine and payload control module prior to shipment to KSC for launch. This first launch will be a test of Tensor's extremely lean development and production process and of our prototype aerospike tridyne rocket engine. This agreement also includes the production and launch of five more test rockets.

      Tensor Innovation Incorporates Wednesday, January 10, 2020 - Tensor Innovation Partners Incorporates. Micro Aerospace Solution, Inc. and TrailBlazer Technologies have become active partners to pursue space transportation and SmallSat technology opportunities and have incorporated under the name Tensor Innovation Partners, LLC.