Training Tensor innovation Partners, LLC

Training cannot be overstated as a force multiplier. Detailed training requirements can be useful for evaluating human-machine interfaces, enhancing man in the loop systems, and improving procedures, and can be invaluable for creating effective and efficient instruction. Tensor personnel have extensive experience developing training requirements, instructional automation, and management systems for STS and ISS astronauts, JSC MOD mission controllers, KSC launch controllers, the AFSPACECOM Combat Crew Training Squadron, and a host of other administrative, technical, and operator positions. Tensor personnel also have experience in developing training and educational products for commercial, academic, and military applications and delivering training and performance consulting internationally. As trained and experienced engineers and instructional developers, we are uniquely qualified to understand rapidly a broad variety of technical areas and human performance issues to produce optimum performance enhancing solutions. Contact us for details regarding our training experience and capabilities.

Program Management Tensor innovation Partners, LLC

Program Management and Management Consulting without the overhead of a major corporation. Tensor has a collective history of over 50 years of successful programs offering low cost solutions to major organizations. We do more with less. Always concentrating our skills and insight on each client’s greatest technical and human challenges to tailor an effective solution using the most sensible, effective and efficient approach fitting the needs of our customer. As a result of our customer service-oriented approach to consulting we have established long term relationships with several of our clients, a few lasting well over a decade. Having provided management consulting, administrative automation, and business process streamlining for major Government agencies, we have the ability to reshape your corporate culture and management systems to help you provide outstanding customer service and improve your bottom line while providing quality service and products. While others may give you an exoensive standard solution, which may not fit your specific situation, we can provide a taylored and effective solution for much less.Contact us to learn more about how we can help you become a world class organization.

Systems Integration Tensor innovation Partners, LLC

System Integration through the application of our diverse portfolio of “Low Cost” multi-domain capabilities. Tensor is:

  • ISO9001:2008 Compliant
  • ITAR Compliant
  • 7150.2A/ CMMI Level II Compliant
  • NASA Mission Critical Software Compliant
  • a NASA Mission Critical Software Compliant
  • a SATOP Best Performing Silver Star Partner
  • Six Sigma Lean

We are experienced in providing human, software, electronic, and mechanical interface integration for both civilian and military aerospace applications.

Propulsion Testing Tensor innovation Partners, LLC

Throttleable and restartable injectors will be critical to the exploration of space. Tensor has been developing and patenting an integrated injector and ignitor system for future space transport engines. We can also test and develop an assortment of propulsion systems including micropropulsion and launch vehicle aerospike systems. With an active NASA KSC Space Act Agreement, Tensor has the ability to perform static testing of rocket propellants, motors, and engines. Our inexpensive line of propulsion systems include warm gas, hydrogen peroxide and hydrazine solutions tailored to the CubeSat (3U to 27U) satellite and small launch vehicle market. We also provide propulsion R&D services for systems such as gels, aerospikes, unique bi-props and hybrids. Contact us for more information regarding your low cost ability to develop and test propulsion systems.